The Band Angus Young Regretted Paying Money To See

Imagine a world where every live rock show is a transcendent experience, where the music hits you in the chest, and the crowd’s energy is electric. You’re surrounded by like-minded music lovers, all united in their love for the band on stage. And then the band starts to play, and the sound is so powerful and authentic that you can’t help but be swept away by the music. But alas, this dream is not usually a reality. Too many shows fall short of this ideal in the real world, leaving audiences feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.

We all experience disappointment in life, and sometimes it can be related to the things we spend a lot of money on. Even a big band like Deep Purple can leave people feeling let down. And one of those people disappointed by the band’s performance was none other than Angus Young, the legend of AC/DC.

In a 1984 interview, Angus Young didn’t hold back when it came to expressing his opinions on other musicians. While he had harsh words for the Rolling Stones, calling them ‘not playing it’ and suggesting they stick to soul music, his most scathing remarks were aimed at Deep Purple.

Young admitted to regretting paying money to see Deep Purple live, calling their show ‘ridiculous.’ He went on to say, “I never liked those Deep Purple or those sort of things. I always hated it. So I always thought it was a poor man’s Led Zeppelin.”

These comments, coming from a musician known for his schoolboy stage outfits, show just how disillusioned Young felt about Deep Purple’s live performance. I think we can say that, in his opinion, they did not measure up to the standard of true rock and roll.

On the other hand, the 1984 lineup of Deep Purple was a true dream team of rock musicians. The band was an unstoppable force, with Ian Gillan on lead vocals, Ritchie Blackmore on guitar, Roger Glover on bass, and Ian Paice on drums. Allow me to take a moment to praise Ritchie Blackmore. I believe that he imbued the band with its unique spirit. Ritchie Blackmore is the one who truly made Deep Purple, Deep Purple.

But even a dream team can fall short of expectations, as Angus Young found out. Despite being considered one of the best lineups in the band’s history, he called their show ridiculous.’ It’s a reminder that even the most highly-regarded bands can fail to live up to the expectations of true rock fans, and as the audience, it’s important to approach each show with an open mind and a willingness to be surprised.