The Allman Brothers’ Influence On Rob Zombie


White Zombie founding member Rob Zombie is one of those musicians who has been influenced by different music genres and films. The musician has cited rockers such as Alice Cooper, KISS, Queen, and Elton John as his primary influences during his childhood. The first record he ever bought was Cooper’s, and the list of musicians he drew inspiration from includes Metallica, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and many more.

Rob Zombie highly enjoyed these artists’ music, as many of them have something in common in terms of their genre. Since Rob Zombie has always expressed his interest in horror movies and music that carries that feeling, one could expect to hear these names. However, the one thing many wouldn’t see coming was the rocker’s favorite band, since its sound and style are significantly different from these artists; let’s take a look.

Rob Zombie Named The Allman Brothers Band His Favorite


During a 2006 interview with Georgia Straight, Rob Zombie was asked about the last album he had bought. The musician stated that he hadn’t purchased an album for a very long time but downloaded a record on iTunes that belongs to the Allman Brothers Band. 

After Rob Zombie revealed that the last album he was recently curious to check out was an Allman Brothers Band record, he went on to say that they are his favorite band. Furthermore, the rocker expressed his admiration for the band by saying that they were geniuses.

About the band, Rob Zombie said:

“I haven’t actually gone out and purchased one in a long time. I did download an Allman Brothers record from iTunes the other day, though. They’re my favorite band, I think. Allman Brothers are genius.”

Unfortunately for Rob Zombie, the Allman Brothers Band split up after performing their final live show on October 28, 2014, at the Beacon Theatre. Still, they remain a source of inspiration for countless musicians since they paved the way for several other notable Southern rock bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rob Zombie, who didn’t fit that category but was still influenced by the band.