Justin Hawkins Says Steven Tyler Was Struggling With His Voice In The Early ’80s

The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins recently shared a new video on his Justin Hawkins Rides Again YouTube channel. In the latest episode, Hawkins argued that Steven Tyler‘s singing is way better than in the ’80s when he struggled with his vocals.

The first thing that comes to mind about Steven Tyler is his wide vocal range and high screams. Due to that, he has been named the ‘Demon of Screaming’ by the audience. Apart from singing vocals in Aerosmith, Tyler also plays piano, harmonica, and percussion, making him a multitalented artist.

In the 1970s, Steven Tyler started climbing the ladders of fame as the lead singer of Aerosmith. However, by the late 1970s and early 1980s, he fell into the pit of drug and alcohol addiction. Due to Tyler’s struggle with substance use, Aerosmith’s popularity declined. So, he entered rehab to change things, and the band rose to prominence again.

In a recent video on his Justin Hawkins Rides Again YouTube channel, Justin Hawkins revealed his thoughts on Steven Tyler’s musicianship. He then watched one of Aerosmith’s recent performances and said Tyler is excellent at any age. However, Hawkins argued that Tyler struggled with his voice in the ’70s and especially early ’80s.

So, according to the Darkness singer, Tyler is now rocking the stage with his voice. He said the Aerosmith icon’s voice has always been a unique instrument in the band’s career, and his recent live gig sounds brilliant. Although Steven Tyler is now 74 years old, his voice is still ageless, according to Hawkins.

Here is what Justin Hawkins said about Steven Tyler:

“I would just be standing there, mouth agape, admiring that performance. He’s f*cking amazing at any age. I mean, if you listen to Steven Tyler’s recordings from the ’70s, and I think more noticeably in the early ’80s, he’s struggling with his voice. You know, that’s part of the charm of those performances.

But right now, in this recent live gig, he’s f*cking kicking us. His voice is amazing. I don’t know. His voice has always been a unique instrument, hasn’t it? But that sounds f*cking amazing. No apologies. No need. It’s just brilliant.”

You can watch the entire video below.