Mick Jagger Says Fame Is A Kind Of ‘Pact With The Devil’

The BBC docuseries ‘My Life As a Rolling Stone’ interviewed Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood for a new docu-series. Mick Jagger talked about the impact that fame can have on people and said it is a risky situation.

The amount of fame the Rolling Stones have gained over the years is mind-boggling. It is also not hard to imagine the toll it must have had on the artists who regularly had to get up on stage and endure not having a personal life. One can understand the desire to succeed in a competitive and ruthless industry, and fame is one of the necessary elements to do that.

The Rolling Stones have been in the business for sixty years, and it’s no easy task. During this time, they released numerous chart-toppers and traveled the world for multiple tours. Mick Jagger has established his voice, name, and style worldwide and has even inspired the phrase ‘moves like Jagger.’

In the interview, Mick Jagger stated that his relationship with fame has not always been enjoyable. He has had a history with drugs, but he also battled his addiction and inspired many with his success and persistence. Jagger said that some people can endure fame, but some struggle, which is why he sees it as a pact with the devil.

Mick Jagger’s thoughts about fame:

“Some people can take it, and some people can’t. It’s a bit of a pact with the devil.

The docu-series ‘My Life As a Rolling Stone’ is now available on Epix and the BBC. To celebrate their 60th anniversary as a band, the Rolling Stones embarked on their summer European tour besides releasing their latest documentary. Despite the loss of beloved drummer Charlie Watts in 2021, the band decided to go on as they had received their late bandmate’s blessings before he passed away.