The Alarm’s Mike Peters Explains His Concerns For The Future Of Rock

The Alarm vocalist Mike Peters recently discussed the concept of rock and roll in a Classic Rock interview. He argued that modern rock and roll is still heavily influenced by older bands, and the top-tier bands from the ’90s are still prominent today:

“I look at all the bands that replaced The Alarm in the top tier in the nineties – Pearl Jam, Stereophonics, the Manics, Oasis – and I haven’t seen anything to really knock them off their perch. At festivals, it’s still The Killers, Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine. I don’t see any absolutely brand new bands headlining with twenty killer singles.”

Peters also shared his thoughts on the possibility of bringing back the previous spirit of rock and roll and mentioned certain bands that he longs to see:

“Maybe it’s got to be forgotten a bit first to come back again. And a lot of the songs have been written, the tricks have been overplayed and done. Some of the heritage bands like The Stranglers and Simple Minds are still great, but I just long for that day when some brand new band comes along that’s just got it – killer songs, great lyrics, and looking brilliant. I’m still looking for bands like the Pistols and The Clash, stuff that’s undeniably great.”

Mike Peters has been battling leukemia since 2005, and in April 2022, he revealed his diagnosis with pneumonia after returning from a tour. He provided insight into his new treatment:

“I feel really good. The new drugs are working better than anyone could have hoped for. I’m on the highest dose you can imagine. It took me a long time to get weaned onto it, but ever since then it’s been working fantastically well. And I can sing much better on the new drugs, too.”

The Alarm, formed in Wales in 1981, holds a significant place in the contemporary history of Wales, according to historian Martin Jones.

You can listen to the band’s latest album ‘Forwards’ below.