The AC/DC Song That Pushed Malcolm Young To Learn Keyboard

The two brothers, Malcolm and Angus Young, trusted each other and their musical talents in 1973 and decided to form AC/DC, which ultimately became one of the most successful bands in rock history. Although Angus Young was often the member that attracted the spotlight, fans and critics always knew that Malcolm Young was the driving force, creative genius, and band leader.

They spent years creating cult classics like ‘Highway to Hell,’ which has inspired many musicians since its release in 1979. The highs came with the lows as they, too, experienced lineup changes and tragic events that impacted the band. Malcolm Young’s struggle with alcohol addiction, his cancer diagnosis, and dementia ultimately took the beloved rocker’s life.

In addition to being an iconic figure in the rock and roll scene, Malcolm Young is widely regarded as one of the greatest rhythm guitarists of all time. The late guitarist had to pave his way to achieve this renowned recognition. One of the instances that made him stand out was when he learned to play the keyboard for ‘The Razors Edge’ album.

Why Did Malcolm Young Learn To Play The Keyboard?

AC/DC has released numerous songs that became a part of the history of rock music. The band contributed to the pure essence of rock and roll throughout their long career of five decades in the music industry. ‘Back in Black,’ ‘Whole Lotta Rosie,’ ‘Ride On,’ and ‘Thunderstruck’ are just a few of the many songs fans think of when they hear AC/DC.

However, ‘Thunderstruck has made an extraordinary impact on the rock n roll scene, and the genius behind the music is no other than Malcolm Young. It was the lead track of AC/DC’s twelfth studio album titled ‘The Razors Edge’ released in September 1990. The bit that makes it even more interesting is it all started with Young’s decision to learn to play the keyboard to diversify the album’s sound.

In an interview with Guitar World in 2003, Malcolm Young stated that he started learning to play the keyboard to add a different sound to the album. He noted that it was an interesting experiment; however, after the album was done and dusted, he left the keyboards and focused on what he knew best.

Malcolm Young’s words on learning to play the keyboard:

“I started using some keyboards, just sampling the guitar into it to try something different. It was interesting, but I decided I was done with keyboards after that album. Couldn’t be bothered anymore with that sh*t!”

You can listen to ‘The Razors Edge’ album below.