The AC/DC Song Played At Malcolm Young’s Funeral


The co-founders of the renowned band AC/DC, the brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, climbed the ladder of success step by step after their difficult childhood years. Despite several lineup changes, AC/DC achieved remarkable success, and they built quite a reputation with their best-selling albums.

The Young brothers were in charge of AC/DC since its formation, and Malcolm stayed in the band until his death, aside from his short break in 1988. With his high-spirited performances, Angus became the main attraction of AC/DC during their concerts. Although he was a striking showman, Malcolm was the driving force behind the band’s huge success.

His incredible riffs and unique guitar technique were must-sees for the fans. Maybe Malcolm didn’t stand out as much as Angus, but actually, he wrote most of the material that popularized AC/DC, and he was also the primary decision-maker for the band’s future plans.

When Did Malcolm Young Pass Away?


Malcolm Young, who was the brains behind AC/DC, was suffering from dementia when he passed away on November 18, 2017. Angus had revealed that Malcolm was having concentration problems as his memory started worsening in 2008, but he still managed to contribute to the recording and promotion of ‘Black Ice.’ Malcolm began receiving treatment in 2010, but his health condition deteriorated from that day forward.

Malcolm’s last performance with AC/DC was in 2010 during their Black Ice World Tour. At the time, he was already struggling with his health issues but wanted to continue performing during the tour. Then in 2014, AC/DC had announced that Malcolm would take a break from the band without specifying the disease he had. A few months later, the band members revealed that he had dementia.

The AC/DC Song Played While Saying Goodbye To Malcolm Young


Malcolm Young’s funeral ceremony was held at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney. Besides his brother Angus Young, the AC/DC members Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd, and former bandmate Mark Evans attended the ceremony. The Cathedral’s entrance was filled with numerous devoted fans, who came to pay their tributes to the late legendary.

Angus Young’s emotional mood didn’t go unnoticed as he also didn’t want to speak during the service. Angus placed Malcolm’s famous guitar named ‘The Beast’ on his coffin, and later on, he also carried it to the hearse after the ceremony’s ending. An orchestra was also present at the ceremony, who played AC/DC’s classic ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top.’

The song is the first track of the band’s second album ‘T.N.T.,’ released in 1975. It is a very energetic song accompanied by bagpipe melodies, and many musicians have covered it to this day. The orchestra, in particular, played the bagpipe part of the track and thus, honored Malcolm Young’s legacy with an AC/DC hit.

You can listen to the original song, and the one played at the funeral below.