Ted Nugent Warns Invasion Of America Will Trigger A War

Ted Nugent recently declared that the invasion of the United States of America is leading to a war.

During the latest episode of ‘Nightly Nuge,’ as the guitarist was discussing military services, he complained about the American governmental system, which, according to Nugent, escorts ‘America hating military monsters’ and turns them into American citizens. Claiming that people would call him a conspiracy theorist for his thoughts, the rocker explained:

“A lot of people are going, ‘Oh, listen to Nuge, you’re what? A…’ What are the CIA called? That’s right, ‘…conspiracy theorist?’ So, I couldn’t have imagined this, my father dragged of GIS from the battlefield for the US Constitution in a secure country. Now Uncle Sam is the biggest enemy to the Constitution and a secure America. My friends, no more yapping if you’re not wagging your fingers in the face of your local enforcement and anybody who represents you and say, ‘We gotta stop this,’ I don’t wanna do anything except turn them back.”

The rocker believes that if people follow him, they will adore America and think it is the best place to be in. He shared:

“I got to tell you, Keith, here it is September, I’m going to have the greatest hunting season in my life. I just wrapped up the greatest tour of my life. If you followed me around, you could be spoiled and think that America is the best place and perfect because my band, my crew, the audience is up in the upper peninsula.”

He then touched on America’s invasion, claiming that it would soon cause a war:

“The people I hung around with, the people at the coffee shop, the people at the sporting goods store, everywhere I go, they adhere to the truth, logic, and common sense that is the battle cry of the Nightly Nuge. And we are so spoiled that we’re watching and allowing the invasion of America, and we better be ready to play The Alamo again, but this time, we gotta kill Santa Anna right away.”

Despite the guitarist’s claims, Nugent himself never served in the military. He claimed that he failed the physical draft on purpose to work on his music by eating nothing but junk food and refusing to urinate. A few years later, during an interview, the guitarist claimed that he never did so and that they were false accusations.

See the latest episode below.