Ted Nugent Shares Whether He’ll Enter The Stage Riding A Buffalo Again

Ted Nugent has a bad reputation regarding animal rights, which is something that doesn’t exist, according to the musician. He does not only hunt animals but advises his fans and followers to do the same thing. Uncle Ted often shared articles about his bow and arrow and his hunting tips. He once carried this situation further and angered animal rights activists by riding a buffalo on stage. Nugent recently revealed if such a moment can be repeated.

“Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?” responded Ted Nugent when his co-host for the Nightly Nuge show asked if he’ll be riding buffalos in his upcoming shows. “Of course, when you have your fingers crossed, it includes the most important finger of all. So, keep those fingers crossed and keep those fingers well lubricated.”

The veteran rocker continued talking about his plans for the next few months, revealing that he’d be hunting for two months and calling his archery gears ‘the mystical flight of the arrow’ per usual. Ted explained, “My point being is that it’s only January of 2023, and I am so obsessed, drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, and maniacal about the mystical flight of the arrow because I have a lot of hunting to do for the next two months. I hunt every day, and the dogs have given me the greatest duck season of my life.”

“I do play my guitar every day,” added Nugent. The musician later heralded a new song and talked about his new materials, “I’ve written a new instrumental called Butterfingers.’ That is just really greasy and really a flurry of uncharted territory. In fact, I played some notes on some of my new songs. God hasn’t authorized these notes yet. So I’m working with him so they can be qualified in the authorized column of musical outrage.”

Using animals as stage props has been a controversial topic, but Ted Nugent is proud of having ridden a buffalo and often shares snippets from that performance. He appeared on a buffalo during a live performance on August 21, 2001, which was remarkable according to the audience. The crowd immediately started screaming when Nugent entered the stage on such a huge animal.

Though he looked majestic and powerful on that buffalo, many animal rights activists didn’t consider this stage act as an innocent and brilliant one. Their initial concern was about the animal being tranquilized. This situation leads to stress on top of being in front of thousands of people, which isn’t ‘normal’ for a buffalo. Regardless of people’s reaction, Ted Nugent seems willing to repeat this buffalo show as he asked his fans to cross their fingers for future concerts.