Billy Idol Says ‘Some Punks’ Tried To Break Into His Live Show


The legendary rocker Billy Idol shared a video on his official Instagram account and stated that his live performance had to be suspended because of an intervention by ‘some punks.’

With his career spanning over four decades and his eccentric style, Billy Ideal continues to prove to the world that rock is very much alive. Since his solo debut in 1982 with his self-titled record, Idol has been a timeless icon on the rock scene. With his anachronistic fashion style, catchy melodies, and sensational stage presence, he was able to catch the attention of his early audience and the approval of various well-established critics.

He released his latest EP, ‘The Roadside,‘ on September 17, 2021. It was his first release of new material since his 2014 album, ‘Kings & Queens of the Underground.’ In addition, he had taken the stage with Miley Cyrus at Super Bowl, and the pair released a duet ‘Night Crawling,’ for her 2020 album, ‘Plastic Hearts.’ His new EP titled ‘Cage’ will be released on September 23, 2022.

The British rocker is currently touring South America, traveling across the continent and meeting his adoring fans. His latest show was in Santiago, Chile. He was halfway through the gig, performing his song ‘Speed,’ when the show had to be suspended due to a break-in by fans. In order to secure Billy Idol and the audience inside, the police had to intervene.

The officers used tear gas on the ‘punks’; soon, the arena was filled with toxic gas. The legendary rocker and his team had to stop the show as they retreated backstage. Later, Billy Idol shared a video post on his Instagram account and informed the world and his awaiting fans outside of what happened in the arena.

He stated:

”We’re halfway through [the show], [we’ve] got to ‘Speed,’ and some punks were trying to break into the gig outside, and the police started tear gassing. Then, the tear gas got into the gig, and I was coughing, and my eyes were streaming, so we had to suspend the gig for a few minutes while the tear gas dissipated. Then we’ll be back [on stage].”

He laughed as he added:

”Punk’s not dead because they are outside, trying to break in… In case you’re in the audience, and you want to know, we will be coming back to the stage as soon as the tear gas dissipates.”

It seems that it wasn’t easy to stop the British rocker as he was ready to take on anything. Billy Idol will continue his ongoing tour with upcoming shows in Brazil and Argentine.