Dan Reynolds Opens Up About His Divorce


Dan Reynolds attended an interview in CBS and talked about the band’s new album ‘Mercury – Act 1.’ The album is composed of very personal lyrics and melodies; therefore, talking about the new album led to the subject of his divorce from Aja Volkman.

Aja and Dan got married in 2011 and had three daughters. The couple announced that they decided to get a divorce in 2018 but, a year later, they revealed that they never actually got a divorce and had another child, Valentine, in 2019.

Although the fans didn’t know the details, it was clearly an emotional rollercoaster for the family. These emotions were reflected in the latest Imagine Dragons album ‘Mercury – Act 1,’ among many other feelings Dan experienced during the pandemic. In his recent conversation, he opened up about his divorce and disclosed what really happened and how they became a couple again.

Dan disclosed the matter by stating:

“Words hold a lot of weight and power, especially with two sensitive artists. She wrote me a long text message. It wasn’t a plea, ‘Shall we get back together?’ or even a thing of forgiveness. She just said a lot of things that she needed to say that I needed to hear, which reminded us of when we first fell in love. I was crying, she was crying, and all the attorneys were just stone-faced. And then I said something like: ‘Do you wanna leave?'”

The couple went to lunch together, and then Dan stated:

“And we just laughed and cried together, and we started dating all over again, I re-proposed to her.

Perhaps it was one of those moments when you don’t understand what something means to you until you reach the point of losing it. As you may know, Dan is an emotional person, and he has stressed this characteristic in many of his interviews. He worries his fans about his mental state from time to time, but these feelings also help him write sincere and heartfelt songs.

You can watch the interview below.