Ted Nugent Shares The Common Feature Of Sammy Hagar And His Music

Ted Nugent recently joined an interview with AntiHero Magazine to talk about his upcoming album. He also stated that his and Sammy Hagar‘s music certainly has some common features as they grew up listening to similar names.

Uncle Ted had released his latest studio album named ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ in 2018. He has recently been readying to release his sixteenth solo studio album, ‘Detroit Muscle,’ which is going to arrive on April 29, 2022. He recorded the upcoming album with his current band, including bassist Greg Smith and drummer Jason Hartless.

The record will include 11 tracks in total, and the first single off it, called ‘Come And Take It,’ dropped last November. Nugent also released the second single last month, ‘American Campfire,’ from the new album. During a recent interview, the rocker reflected on his forthcoming album and stated that he is very proud of what came out, representing a particular part of his life.

After talking about the album, Ted Nugent was asked about his earliest musical influences. The first names that came to his mind were Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis. He explained that these names all changed the shape of music by introducing new techniques. Then, Nugent added that he is sure Sammy Hagar would also give the same names as him as they are the musical pioneers that hugely influenced the younger generations coming after them.

Ted Nugent speaking on his earliest musical influences:

“Well, how could you escape what Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis did. They invented this new outrageous grinding cadence and uppity electric guitar sonic bombast. Nobody had ever used guitars like that. There were the ventures, and there was Lonnie Mack and Duane Eddy. But what Chuck Berry and Little Richard and Bo Diddley and certainly Jerry Lee Lewis, and what Elvis delivered via the Black music.

Elvis genuflected at the altar of Black musical forces. There would be no rock and roll; there’d be no meaningful music. I mean, I love Mozart, and I love Beethoven, but when it comes to uppity, intense, defiant, fun, those founding fathers, they imprinted on us all, and I don’t care who you talk to, Billy Joel or Steven Tyler, I don’t care who you talk to, Sammy Hagar, they will all reference the same people I just mentioned.

And I guarantee when Sammy Hagar jams with The Circle, and when I get up with Sammy Hagar and when I get up with ZZ Top on stage or a new guy named Tim Montana, believe me, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and Little Richard and James Brown and Wilson Pickett and the Motown Funk Brothers, it’s in everything we do.”

Following the release of his album, Ted Nugent will kick off an extensive US tour in support of ‘Detroit Muscle.’ His tour will start on April 29, 2022, in Panama City Beach, Florida, and end on August 27, 2022, in Fredericksburg, Texas.

You can listen to Ted Nugent’s singles below.