Ted Nugent Shares The Backstory Of His Upcoming Album’s Name, ‘Handsome Devil’

During a recent appearance on Bolling With Favre, rock veteran Ted Nugent talked about his upcoming album as he explained how he named it.

As you might already know, Ted Nugent is one of the die-hard Donald Trump supporters, and he had been into the rallies for Trump last year, which he tried to spread the love of Trump.

In the conversation, Ted mentioned the conversation he had with the former president of the United States and said that Trump called him as a handsome devil once during one of these rallies.

Because of that, Ted decided to put ‘Handsome Devil’ as his upcoming album’s name and pointed out that they have the actual voice line of Trump saying these words.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“When we were in Michigan, we did these rallies — the unprecedented rallies of 25 thousand, 30 thousand people that were chanting, ‘We love you! We love you! We love you!’

The only time it’s ever happened in history, because here came a hell-raising president, a ‘we the people’, constitutional, businessman president that secured the border, that reduced crime rates, that reduced unemployment, that renegotiated global contracts to actually benefit America.

Just a great, great man, a great president. And I’m in the audience, ’cause I would promote these events. And we really escalated the attendance, because Uncle Ted, especially in the winter wonderland of Michigan… And he would always acknowledge me.”

He continued:

“’Where’s that Ted Nugent? Well, there he is. Ted, we’re so glad you’re here. You know you’re a handsome devil.’ And I go, ‘Whatever.’

And so my new record’s gonna be called Ted Nugent ‘Handsome Devil’. And we actually have the audio of the president saying that.”

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