Ted Nugent Says Sammy Hagar Proves That Rock Is Still Alive


Ted Nugent recently attended an interview on the radio station 93.3 The Shark and talked about the ongoing debate about whether ‘rock is dead.’ Like many other musicians who have reacted to this claim, Nugent also stated that rock cannot be dead because there is still quality work being created and gave several examples.

Although Ted Nugent often makes it to the headlines with his controversial comments about American politics, he is still also an acknowledged guitarist who produces well-appreciated music. His views have been labeled as racist and sexist by some, especially after the emergence of cancel culture. However, according to Nugent, he could never be canceled because no matter what he says, he still wins people’s hearts with his music.

The ‘rock is dead‘ claim emerged during KISS bassist Gene Simmons’s sensational interview in 2014. The rock icon claimed that there aren’t new rock talents in the contemporary world like there used to be back in the ’80s and ’90s. Even though the rock genre’s mainstream and commercial peak was during those times, the newcomers have proved their worth, and many musicians have disagreed with his comment.

Like most rockstars, Ted Nugent was also recently asked if he agrees with Gene Simmons’s statement. He touched upon the topic by first stating that many people love his music, and thus, he will never be canceled. Nugent added that the reaction he gets from the audience when he is on stage is the main proofn of that. According to him, Sammy Hagar’s shows are still a great success, and he successfully keeps rock music alive as well.

Here is what Nugent stated about himself:

“I won’t be canceled because shit kickers love me, shit kickers love my music. Working hard, playing hard. Real Americans in the asset column. People who bust their asses to be the best they can be. They are with me. I am them, and they are me, and I proved it last night in Abilene, and I get a false sense of reality with the unbelievable reaction that I caused when I got up on stage and played ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ of course, what other kind of response would you expect when people hear real soulful music. But, I know that killer music is still alive.”

Here is what he stated about Sammy Hagar:

ZZ‘s out there doing great business. Sammy Hagar just did a run in Texas, just kicked ass every night with his killer band, Vic and everybody. So, real music lovers are alive and well in spite of the treachery, the abuse of power, the tyranny. The punks acting like emperors and kings like Joe Biden and the entire Democrat Party and most of the Republic as the whole American government is just obscene at this point. My point being is that the most important attribute and pulse of an American is defiance. When you hear and see something stupid, your instincts tell you to defy it.”

Even though Nugent didn’t speak about the newcomer rockers of the industry, he based his opinion on how the older rockstars are still keeping the rock music and spirit alive, like ZZ Top and Sammy Hagar. Specifically talking about the United States, he suggested that Hagar and other real music lovers defy the ‘abuse of power’ and ‘tyranny’ and produce good music in tough times.