Ted Nugent Says He Might Join Kanye West On His Sunday Celebration Soon

Rock veteran Ted Nugent talked about Kanye West in a recent Facebook live and revealed that he is trying to set up to join him soon for his ‘Sunday Service.’

Kanye West’s Sunday Service debuted on January 6, 2019, and it has been an event where only invitees gather and listen to Kanye and the choir music. There are also times where the service was open to the public, but it was disclosed most of the time, and the guests were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Many well-known celebrities were invited to the Sunday Service previously like Katy Perry, Brad Pitt, and A$AP Rocky. There is also a dress code where the guests are informed a week before so that they could get ready. Kanye’s vision in creating this gathering was to make people feel positive and good with their families every Sunday.

The rocker and veteran Ted Nugent talked about Kanye’s Sunday Service recently. He stated that he knows Steve Smith, who is the shoe designer of Kanye West, and they are trying to set up a convenient time that Nugent will be able to join Kanye’s Sunday Service. Aside from attending the ‘celebration,’ he also stated that he might perform and play his guitar.

Here is what Nugent stated about attending Kanye’s Sunday Service:

“We had Kanye West shoe designer, Steve. Steve was here, Steve Smith. Steve watching, Hey Steve. How are you doing? He designs Kanye West shoes, and he’s a friend of ours, and we’re setting up to go to a Kanye West Sunday celebration and maybe play some guitar licks.”

This isn’t the first time Nugent talked about Kanye, and it seems like his opinions on the singer changed since the last time. Previously in 2015, Nugent had stated that he doesn’t understand Kanye and his type of music. Even though he can get the fashion and the style sense of the ‘new generation,’ hip hop music doesn’t make sense to him. It seems like the rocker put his thoughts about Kanye’s music aside and is curious about his Sunday Celebrations.