Hayley Williams Reveals Paramore’s Strategy For The New Album

Making a comeback album is challenging enough, but Paramore bravely doubled the risk with their upcoming record. In a recent interview with EW, the vocalist Hayley Williams stated that they used a brand new strategy for ‘This Is Why,’ which they hope the fans will appreciate.

The band released their last album, ‘After Laughter,’ in 2017 and took a five-year break to work on their solo careers. At the beginning of 2022, Paramore revealed that they were working on a new album. After almost a year, they came back with the title track in September 2022. Now, while the fans are waiting for the full album release, the band shared the details about the record in a new interview with EW.

As they explained the creation process of ‘This Is Why,’ the pop-rock band stated that a lot has changed in recent years, especially with the pandemic. Hayley Williams explained that they took a more political approach, along with focusing on having fun with what they do.

Adding that they are not coming back with ‘emo’ music, she claimed to work on new strategies and brand new styles in order not to fixate on the past. It seems Paramore’s new strategy is to be progressive and to have fun while doing what they want to do with their music.

Williams’ opinion on the matter and the album follows:

“We came back to it with a whole different perspective and, honestly, just healthier. We just want to be able to really enjoy this and be present and not treat it like it’s just what we do but feel like we’re really choosing to do it. Because why not?”

So, apparently, after five years, Paramore wants to make a fresh comeback with their upcoming album ‘This Is Why’ by trying a new strategy focusing on progression to give their fans and themselves a chance to take a short break from the world.