Ted Nugent Recalls The Weekend He Spent With Keith Richards

Ted Nugent recently recalled the time he spent with The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards and entering their party zone. He criticized other musicians for their substance addiction, and he stated that even though he loves Keith Richards, he is still among the substance abusers.

While many musicians have lost themselves in the fast rock and roll lifestyle and gotten addicted to harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol, Ted Nugent kept himself away from all of this. Instead of alcohol and substance addiction, Nugent built a reputation with his talented guitar playing and strong political opinions. He currently has a big fanbase and many followers who follow his weekly preaches during his Facebook livestreams.

He generally speaks about the problems in the United States and how he thinks some could be fixed. Nonetheless, Ted Nugent also often shares his experiences as a rockstar and speaks about other musicians. As he has controlled himself regarding substance consumption, he has severely criticized those who battled addiction no matter how iconic they are. He had talked about Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Keith Moon and blamed them for their own deaths.

Nugent said that even though he loves Keith Richards, he is also among those ruining themselves with substances. He recalled the weekend he spent with him back in the ’70s. He stated that during that time, he saw men partying and doing drugs in a filthy environment. Nugent defended himself, and his ways of partying, by saying that his parties don’t cause deaths.

Here is what he said about the weekend he spent with Richards:

“Notwithstanding Keith Richards. I spent the weekend with Keith Richards in 1977. I didn’t sleep in the bed with him, but I was at Studio 54 where these naked guys were butt slamming each other on the floor and the drugs and the piss and the poop, God. ‘Nugent doesn’t party!’ Well, I don’t party with men or drugs but I party. But my parties don’t cause you to die.”

Nugent had previously claimed that he predicted some celebrities’ deaths, and they all came true. He had made these claims based on the musicians’ drug and alcohol consumption as he knew that because they took so many drugs, Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi, Keith Mooney, and Bon Scott were going to die, and his predictions, unfortunately, came true.