Ted Nugent Names The Celebrities He Predicted Would Die


In an interview with David Nino Rodriguez, Ted Nugent claimed that he predicted the deaths of some celebrities due to their reckless lifestyle.

As he always makes it clear, Ted Nugent is firmly against the use of drugs and alcohol. He claims that drugs are for the weak and slams substance abusers every chance he gets. While describing the drug users, Nugent often uses harsh words, and his disgust is written all on his face. He also disagrees with the legalization of marijuana except for the medical use of the plant.

The spokesman of Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Ted Nugent, has proudly said that he has never used drugs in his entire life. When talking about his sobriety, Nugent once claimed that it was hard to stay away from drugs in the rock and roll world. In one of his live streams, he talked about this issue and said most of his inspirations were heavy drug users. Nugent also claimed that he rejected the offers of Jimi Hendrix, Bon Scott, John Belushi, and Keith Moon, who tried to persuade him to take substances.

In the interview with David Nino Rodriguez, Ted Nugent has discussed his disdain for drug abuse. He stressed that he is determined to reject every offer related to drugs and went on to humiliate the drug abusers. Nugent then claimed he knew Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi, Keith Mooney, and Bon Scott were going to die due to substance abuse.

Ted Nugent said during the interview that:

“I’m a defiant son of a bitch. If you propose something to me that my brain says is stupid, I’m going to just tell you ‘No way, dirtbag.’

By the way, the people who offered me drugs and alcohol had spittle in the corner of their mouths and boogers coming out of their noses. They couldn’t form a sentence. They forgot this incredible, soulful Motown arrangement to the songs. So I say ‘Wait a minute. You want me to partake in a process and an indulgence that reduces your level of awareness, causes you to stumble, drool, throw up and die?’

I told Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi, Keith Mooney, and Bon Scott that they were going to die. I mean, come on guys. Are you kidding me? You’re stumbling and bumping in, and you don’t even finish the damn song on stage. You’re so wrecked.”

You can watch the full interview below.