Ted Nugent Recalls Ace Frehley’s Impressive Shooting Skills

Ted Nugent remembered when original KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley joined him for a shooting party in his recent live stream with his wife Shemane on Youtube. Nugent admitted that Frehley was very good at shooting even though his condition wasn’t suitable for that attempt.

KISS released their fourth studio album entitled ‘Destroyer’ on March 15, 1976, and it received very positive reviews from music critics and fans and hit the charts worldwide. To promote the album, the band began their The Destroyer Tour on April 11, 1976, in Fort Wayne, and it ended on September 12, 1976, in Springfield. Also, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, and Montrose performed supporting acts for the band during the tour.

In addition, Ted Nugent got a priceless and rare gift from the band’s members, a KISS-themed 44 Magnum as a tour bonus which Nugent still keeps in his gun collection. Nugent has known them for a very long time and had different crazy moments with them. One of them occurred in his shooting activity years ago, Frehley was there, but he was extremely drunk, which was dangerous for that event.

Nugent stated that he had to hold him behind to prevent any possible accident because of the ‘drunk’ guitarist holding a gun. Shemane Nugent added that they were all standing far away for that reason. The Handsome Devil said that he realized that Frehley knew about guns, but he was still unsure about letting him on his own because of his condition. However, later, the KISS guitarist convinced Ted with his excellent skills after shooting every target.

Here’s what Shemane said:

“So, the funniest thing was Ace won the shoot, and everybody knew that at the time he was stumbling.”

Nugent shared his ideas, saying:

“I literally got behind him and held his arms. When Ace and I came up to the gun table to load the gun and prepare for shooting, everybody got behind us. I stood behind Ace, and there was a range master who was used to a lot of newcomers, especially young people who were fascinated by the gun but didn’t know anything about them. A good range master always stands behind the shooter and makes sure that they never turn their body anywhere except the downrange.

Because after they shoot, they are like, ‘Hey, that was great, wasn’t it?’ You can’t let them turn, so the range master must control the body of the shooter. I was holding him. I think I was holding him; he was going to fall. Ace, I love you if you are watching this. However, anyhow I had a military gun, semiautomatic. You can pull the trigger that would do two functions. Ace said he knew about guns, owned guns, and shot them. I was still hanging on to him. Ace was swinging, and the little puppy sounds were coming from him. I had steel plates all over the place. He did everything he shot at.”

You can watch the video below.