Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump On Billie Joe Armstrong’s ‘Weird’ Bond With Green Day

It’s rare to find bandmates that actually get along well all the time and hang out with each other. Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump told Radio X’s Dan O’Connell that just like their close-knit relationship, Billie Joe Armstrong also has that chemistry with his Green Day bandmates.

Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer came together for the Hella Mega Tour as co-headliners. Although the tour was announced in 2019, it had to be pushed back due to the pandemic. The all-year-long tour that started in the summer of 2021 wrapped up this past summer, and the bands got to experience this long journey on the road together.

Patrick Stump, who got to see the interactions between the Green Day bandmates up close, shared his thoughts about their relationship that looked much like theirs. It turns out Armstrong enjoys hanging out with his bandmates outside of performing, and they don’t hate each other.

Stump’s words about Billie Joe Armstrong’s relationship with his band:

“The thing that struck me is they hang out with each other, and we do too… but it’s really weird. I have got to be honest. When you meet a lot of bands, they don’t really [hang out off-stage]. It’s kind of one of those industry secrets that everybody secretly hates each other.

And we always felt weird that way because we would go out for dinner with other bands or a guy from another band, and they’d be ready to dish and be like, ‘Argh, My guy,’ and I’m like, ‘Kinda… We have our disagreements, but we like each other,’ and Green Day was very much that.”

Arguments and disagreements are bound to happen, and that’s inevitable, especially on the road where it feels like everyone is on top of each other. Yet, according to Stump, his band Fall Out Boy and Green Day don’t have lasting effects of conflicts, and they go back to square one pretty quickly, which has meant longevity in their friendship and career in the music industry.