Ted Nugent Reacts To Racism Accusations, ‘To This Day I Use The N-Word As A Badge Of Honor’

Rock Veteran Ted Nugent revealed the time when he revealed the ‘greatest compliment’ he has ever received during a new video posted to his official Facebook page, and apparently, he was called the n-word by a member of the Funk Brothers in the most flattering way.

As many of you might know, Ted Nugent was accused of being racist for so many reasons despite being quite supportive of numerous black musicians and artists. Most recently, his ‘Spirit of the Wild’ tv show lost a big sponsor, accusing the iconic musician of being a racist. Nugent opened up about the matter and stated that the people who are working with him supported and defended him throughout the accusations as he’s a supporter of the black community.

During a recent video, Ted Nugent proved how proud he’s to be a supporter of the black musicians as he revealed the time when he was the opening act for the Supremes and being watched by the Funk Brothers whom Nugent looked up to very dearly. During the soundcheck, one of the members of the Funk Brothers came near Nugent and praised his guitar playing.

Furthermore, that member of the band stated that young musician Ted Nugent can even be a black artist in the future, and it’s the greatest compliment Nugent has ever received, especially coming from a musician he admired deeply. Rock icon also revealed that he uses that reference as a ‘badge of honor’ even to this day as it meant he had a soul when it comes to playing the guitar.

Here is what Nugent said:

“I was a kid. Had no idea about the world of professionalism or music. But we were so dedicated to playing like the Funk Brothers. Like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard. The authenticity of that black dynamic and emotion and defiance and celebration of ‘free, free at last.’

They’re watching us, kind of snickering. And the biggest, baddest, blackest Funk Brother of all stood up and started moseying over towards us. So we’re putting our guitars away, the Funk Brother, a big ol’ black dude comes up, puts his hand on my shoulder, and goes, ‘That was great stuff, boys. You keep playing guitar like that, you’re gonna be a nigger when you grow up.’

That word was a perfect expression that we had a soul. A perfect expression that a bunch of little white whipper-snappers at least put everything we had into being tight like the Funk Brothers, like James Brown. To this day I use it as a badge of honor.”

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