Ted Nugent Explains How His TV Show Was Saved After ‘Lying, Leftist Punks’ Canceled Him

Rock veteran Ted Nugent opened up about an allegation during the latest episode of his show ‘Spirit Campfire,’ and apparently, Nugent was accused of being a racist and lost a sponsor for his ‘Spirit of the Wild’ show which put him into a difficult position, however, managed to find a new one within the same day.

As many of you might know, Ted Nugent has his own show named ‘Spirit Campfire’ which is live-streamed via his official YouTube channel and includes special guests in every episode since it was first aired back on June 16, 2020, with ZZ Top lead vocalist Billy Gibbons.

While ‘Spirit Campfire’ is all about casual conversations and a friendly environment, Ted Nugent has another show that is aired on the tv via Outdoor Channel, ‘Spirit of the Wild’ which also includes Nugent’s wife Shemane, and the show mainly is about hunting and outdoor activities.

Ted Nugent’s tv show has numerous sponsors to keep it going on Outdoor Channel, however, during the latest episode of ‘Spirit Campfire,’ Nugent revealed that he was accused of being a racist, therefore, a sponsor of his called it quits which was a huge supporter of the show and made it difficult for Nugent to air his show.

Here is what Nugent said:

“Just last week… I’m not gonna name names right now, because the people that supported me are a segment of a huge global corporation. And they were a sponsor on our ‘Spirit Of The Wild’ show, that helped finance ‘Spirit Of The Wild’ and put it on the Outdoor Channel and promote conservation. And the mothership called the sponsor company and said, ‘You can’t sponsor Nugent. He’s a racist.’ And my people who had the sponsorship, they go, ‘What are you talking about? He’s not a racist. He’s probably the biggest promoter of black artists in the history of the spoken word.’ ‘He’s a racist. We’re canceling.’ And I’ve gotta tell you, we’re talking many six figures. And I can’t get on the Outdoor Channel without sponsors.”

Later on, Ted Nugent stated that despite there were allegations about him being a racist, somebody from Big Time decided to provide sponsorship to his show in order to promote their supplemental nutritional business which saved the day for Nugent since he found a new sponsor within the exact same day. Nugent revealed that although there are bad people out there, there are also good ones too.

Here is what he said:

“But here’s the beauty: as soon as those lying, hateful, leftist, intolerant punks canceled me, a guy from Big Time, a company Big Time out of Illinois, provided the sponsorship for the product to feed my wildlife and to promote their supplemental nutritional business. And the people who sponsored me, they were heartbroke that the mother global corporate prick canceled it. But within 24 hours, I had a replacement sponsor. Because assholes will be assholes, but there’s still unbelievable good people out there — good people in the asset column, not the asshole column.”

You can see the source by clicking here and see the latest episode of ‘Spirit Campfire’ below.