Rick Allen Recalls Phil Collins’ Letter When He Was In Hospital In 1985


Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen recently appeared for an interview with Jeremy White and Mitch Lafon and talked about the horrifying time in his life where he lost his arm. He recalled Genesis drummer Phil Collins sending him an encouraging letter after his accident and admitted that it meant a lot to him.

Rick Allen had a very unfortunate accident six years after forming Def Leppard, and he lost his left arm. The drummer had a forced choice; to either quit his drums or adapt and improvise. His love and passion for his instrument surpassed all the obstacles and resumed with determination. It wasn’t easy, but his bandmates gave him all the support and equipment he needed to continue being their drummer.

The support he received was immense, and his drum set was modified so that he could use his left leg instead of his left arm. No matter how impossible it seemed, Allen is now one of the most recognized drummers in the history of rock and roll. This support didn’t only come from his band, but also his fans and other members of the rock and roll industry.

In his recent interview, he recalled how Genesis drummer Phil Collins sent him a letter of support which was very important to him. According to Allen, Collins understood his horrifying experience and how bad it would be to lose an arm as a drummer. He sent his regards to the drummer as his letter stood out among all the other ones he had received.

Here is how Allen recalled Collins’ letter and sent him his love:

“Phil Collins happened to be one of the first letters that I opened, a letter of encouragement while I was actually still in hospital in 1985. So if you get to see him, please send him my love and regards.

Just incredible words of encouragement. There were hundreds of thousands of letters, but he stood out because he obviously knew what it would be like, or he had an inkling of what it would be like to be a drummer and to be involved in something so horrific. So it just meant that much more.”

You can watch the full interview below.