Ted Nugent Proves He And Matthew McConaughey Are Blood Brothers

You never know how a character will be born when an actor hears ‘Action!’ Every actor has methods of getting to know their on-screen character. For Matthew McConaughey’s role in ‘Dazed and Confused,’ he sought inspiration for multiple traits of his character, including his love for rock and roll. Hence, his mind immediately went to Ted Nugent. The actor revealed the story of his famous line to Snoop Dog on Apple TV+ a few years back, and Nugent recently shared the video proving his connection with McConaughey.

Alright, alright, alright!” McConaughey quoted himself while recalling the scene. “First three words I ever said on film, the first three. I’m in Austin, Texas, between my junior and senior years of college. I met this casting director in a bar, and we got kicked out of that bar by about 4 a.m. He says, ‘Have you ever acted before?’ I say, ‘Man, I was in the middle of a commercial for a second,’ I go, ‘But I’d like to.’”

He continued, “He says, ‘Come to this address, pick up the script at 9.30 tomorrow morning.’ I pick it up, and this character, Wooderson, who was still hanging out a few years out of high school, and one of the lines was, ‘That’s what I love about those high school girls. I get older, but they stay the same age.’ Now when I read that line, I went, ‘What? Who is this motherf*cker?’”

Then the actor added, “I was like, ‘If that guy believes that, like, that’s his constitution, he’s got it figured out. That is not an attitude; he believes it.’ I get the part all of a sudden; I’m in the car, and we’re about to shoot the scene. It’s all about improvising; there was no line written for the scene. I’m sitting in the car. I’m getting a little bit nervous. I’m saying, ‘Who’s my man? Who’s Wooderson? Who’s Wooderson? What am I about?’”

Matthew shared his thought process to get him to say his famous three words on the screen, explaining, “I sit there going, ‘I’m about my car. Well, I’m in my 1970 Chevelle.’ We got one. I said, ‘I’m about rock and roll. I got Ted Nugent’s ‘Stranglehold’ in the 8-track.’ I got two. Then I said, ‘I’m about getting high. Well, Slater’s riding shotgun, and he’s always got one rolled up,’ I got three.”

Further reflecting on his first film, the actor noted, “I’m also about picking up chicks, and I look up, and I go, ‘Well, there she is.’ That would be the fourth. I got three out of four. ‘Alright, alright, alright!’ That was it. I was saying out loud the three affirmations, three things I had batting seven hundred about to go a thousand—first three words I ever said on film.”

Upon seeing the video of Matthew, Ted Nugent took to Twitter and wrote, “My music is raw, primal, defiant, fun, inspired, stimulating, sensual, spiritual, soulful animal breeding sonic bombast that all freethinkers celebrate. Certain positive pulsations permeate the American roustabout culture, and clearly, Matthew and I are sh*tkicker blood brothers.”

That was the behind-the-scenes of how McConaughey got into the character that day on set, and Ted Nugent was one of his inspirations. Nugent’s response on Twitter, calling him and Matthew ‘sh*tkicker blood brothers,’ was a clear indication of enjoying the fact that he had stimulated the actor with his music.