Ted Nugent Prays God To Make Donald Trump President Again

Ted Nugent expressed his wish for Donald Trump to become president again during the March 15 episode of ‘The Spirit Campfire With Ted Nugent.’

Nugent and his wife, Shemane, prayed for America’s future, and they expressed concerns about the country’s current direction. Nugent invoked God’s help to correct what he saw as moral and societal declines. He addressed issues such as safety, immigration, and children’s welfare.

A Prayer For Leadership

The singer voiced his support for Trump:

“In the name of your son Jesus Christ, we beg for your strength and your power to rise up from this apathetic embarrassment and elect Donald Trump to make America safe, secure, prosperous, great and healthy and moral again.”

Nugent Views Trump As A Political Pioneer

In December 2022, Trump gave Nugent the ‘Great American Defender Of Freedom’ award at a gala in Mar-A-Lago, Florida. Nugent praised Trump’s leadership in several interviews before. In an October 2020 interview, Nugent called him a miracle worker and a spiritual force, explaining:

“I genuflect at the altar of this great man. He is just pulling off miracle after miracle. He’s really touching the heart and soul and representing the heart and soul of the best American families out there. Just praise God for that. This is one of those divine intervention moments, like the founding fathers. Believe me when I tell you that. I’ve been so honored and humbled to spend time with the great man. There’s something very spiritual about this crazy guy.”

In 2020, Ted also praised Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis by giving him an A+ rating. He appreciated Trump for challenging his critics and defending the truth. Nugent saw him as a pioneer in politics. He admired how Trump dealt with the pandemic and media criticism.

In January 2024, Nugent once again showed his support for Trump on Instagram about the Jeffrey Epstein case. He argued that Trump’s efforts against sex trafficking deserved votes.