Ted Nugent Opens Up About The Wrong Decision That Donald Trump Made When He Was The President

The famous rock music veteran and die-hard Donald Trump supporter, Ted Nugent, shared a new post on his verified Facebook account this week and revealed the wrong decision that was made by the former President of the United States.

As you may already know, Ted enjoys sharing regular posts about the current political status of the United States and expressing his views on the ongoing pandemic. Back in May, he had announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 and it was so painful that he could not even get out of his bed for a week.

This week, Ted took his Facebook account once again to share what he thinks about the leaked e-mails of the American physician-scientist and the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy, Anthony Fauci, and Trump’s decision to work with him for many years.

Earlier this month, Fauci’s private e-mails were leaked on social media in which he admitted that COVID-19 was a lab-leak virus while he was publicly against that theory for almost three years. In his latest post, the lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes slammed the scientist by stating that Trump should have never worked with him.

Here is what Nugent said:

“Power abusing criminal punk-ass bureaucrat of the year! Can’t believe Trump even allowed him to represent jackshit. And where were the so-called zombie fact-checkers when it comes to this propaganda ministry jackwad! Black lives matter don’t care about black lives and fact-checkers are allergic to facts!”

You can check out the photo he shared right below.

Photo Credit: Ted Nugent – Facebook