Ted Nugent Explains How He Is Still Alive And Well By Recalling Stories With Jimi Hendrix And Bon Scott

During one of his recent live streams, Ted Nugent has revealed his despise of drug addiction and alcohol, remembering his encounters with Jimi Hendrix and Bon Scott.

As you may know, Ted Nugent is well known for his disapproval of alcohol and drug use as he strongly rejects any substance that alters the mind to the extent of numbness. In his new live stream on Facebook Live, Ted Nugent claimed that his mother and father were alcoholics. He said he was surrounded by drug addicts and alcoholics in the rock and roll world, and it was plain luck he didn’t mingle with those.

Nugent said:

“Some people look for an easy way out, and some people don’t. I didn’t. I think it was just shit luck. ‘Cause my brothers and sisters smoked and drank, and they didn’t even surround themselves with goofball rock and roll dirtbags. I did.”

After being told that his influences were clean of addictions, he denied that theory and mentioned Keith Richards, who according to him was a ‘chemical dump’ as being always stoned, stating he was one of the most powerful influences in his life. Nugent then mentioned the rock band MC5 who he admired as being always drunk, and he added that he watched many of his musical influences fall into the pit of drug abuse. Contrary to these influences surrounding Nugent, he claimed he has kept himself away from drugs and alcohol, ‘thanking God he didn’t go.’ 

Nugent then went on claiming that he refused to take substances from the legendary rock icons Jimi Hendrix, Bon Scott, John Belushi, and Keith Moon, adding that he rejected those offers because he does not need to loosen up as he is not the loose guy in that sense.

He noted that:

“Jimi Hendrix offered me dope. I said, ‘No, thanks. No way.’ Let me also mention Bon Scott – what a gifted monster, huh? Bon Scott of AC/DC offered me all his Jack Daniel’s. We were at the recording studio in Miami, at Criteria Sound. I was recording ‘Weekend Warriors’ – it must have been ’79 – and they were recording ‘Highway to Hell.’ We used to do gigs together all the time. And he was always drunk. He [would always go], ‘Nugent, here. Have some of this. It’ll loosen you up.’ Like I need to be looser. He can’t imagine how loose a human being can be because the whisky has fogged his sensibilities. I am the loose guy; you’re the drooling guy. Drooling isn’t loose. Stumbling isn’t loose. Puking isn’t loose. And dying isn’t loose.”

Nugent has also been a spokesman for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.), and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.). Moreover, back in 2018, Nugent had said to ‘Rock Talk With Mick Lafon’ that Canada was absolutely crazy for the decision of legalizing marijuana use, adding that he never saw one moment of a positive outcome from someone getting high. He then asserted that he is okay with the medical use of the drug although legalizing it is a script for ruined lives.