Ted Nugent Calls David Crosby ‘Braindead’

Rock veteran and conservative political activist Ted Nugent shared CSNY icon David Crosby’s recent interview with a magazine to draw attention to substance abuse on his official Facebook account. Also, he stated that Crosby’s longtime drug addiction has turned him into a braindead and disconnected person.

As you might know, Ted Nugent has always been against the drug and alcohol-fueled rock and roll lifestyle. He is the spokesperson of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, which aims to raise awareness against drug abuse and demands a drug control strategy in the USA. Nugent has been supporting the program for a very long time and often makes statements about this subject.

Nugent has also emphasized that excessive drug and alcohol consumption in the rock scene is why The 27’s Club is gaining too many members. He had also claimed that he knew Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi, Keith Mooney, and Bon Scott would die early because of their substance abuse. After he saw David Crosby’s advice to young people in his recent appearance, Nugent shared his ideas about drug abuse once again.

In his recent Facebook post, Nugent shared the article that Crosby advised everyone to stay away from drugs as they stole years from his life. Ted expressed his views about the CSNY icon’s drug addiction by highlighting that Crosby admitted the drugs turned him into a braindead person who had lost his control. Also, he thanked Crosby for his bold statements about himself and conservation.

Nugent’s Facebook post said the following:

“Thankfully, he admits that a lifetime of substance abuse has left him mostly braindead disconnected wallowing in self-inflicted ignorance and abject stupidity. He is the perfect spokesman against conservation. Thank you, David. We love you.”

Therefore, Ted Nugent wanted to draw attention to drug abuse by showing David Crosby’s statements as an example. However, his attitude towards the musician and offensive word choice were criticized by many.