David Coverdale Thinks Nothing Will Ever Be The Same After The Pandemic And Explains Why

Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale spoke in a recent interview with Meltdown and talked about the difficulties of coronavirus outbreak and self-quarantine days.

Since last year, almost the whole world started to struggle due to the coronavirus outbreak, and there are lots of people who died because of this pandemic. Also, most people suffered mentally and economically during the lockdown restrictions.

In the conversation, Coverdale wanted to touch upon the fact that we need to work as a global community in order to get through these tough times, and we should show support and respect to one another.

Furthermore, Coverdale claimed that everything will be different when the coronavirus outbreak comes to an end and mentioned that it was one of the most challenging time for the people.

Here is what David Coverdale said:

“People, as you can imagine, are extraordinarily desperate to go to shows and to perform shows. It’s just not safe, and it’s not gonna be the energy, the atmosphere that we’re familiar with.

We have to make sure to work as a global community, and, for me, as a global artist, work together and be, as they would say, in solidarity with each other and support each other and respect each other. It’s a global pandemic — it’s not just us. And mask up. Let’s get out of this. Get vaccinated, and let’s get out of this thing.

I don’t think it’s ever gonna be the same. I think society has changed. This has been a really challenging time for people who have been alone, I think. And that’s a lot of my target audience with my social media — to try to uplift people’s spirits, until I can get out there and truly do my appreciation and gratitude tour. And hopefully while I’m still physically able to do it and not just farting dust.”

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