Ted Nugent Announces He’s Getting Back In The Studio For A New Album

Rock musician and conservative political activist Ted Nugent recently shared a new episode of his Uncle Ted Facebook Livestreams and revealed that he’s decided to get together with some of his most favorite musicians and record a new studio album.

Although Ted Nugent often makes it to our headlines with his controversial views on various social and political matters, today he’s attracted some attention with his music. As you may recall, Ted Nugent released his fifteenth studio album, The Music Made Me Do It, on November 9, 2018, through Round Hill 9 records.

After a three-year break, it seems like the musician is once again ready to rock as in his recent Facebook live, it was obvious that he was trying very hard to contain his excitement. Dozens of fans commented while the Nugent was still going live and expressed their happiness.

In his recent live Ted Nugent said that he’s started working with Jason Heartless, Greg Smith, and Michael Luton and that they’re getting ready to go in the studio. He spoke very highly of his upcoming album and said that he’s considering naming it ‘Ted Nugent, Handsome Devil‘ as that Donald Trump’s nickname for him.

Here’s what he said during the live stream:

“So with Jason Heartless on drums, Greg Smith on bass guitar, Michael Luton, we are… are you ready?

We’re recording a new album and it’s wall to wall. Stone cold, grind master, mojo, mopho, motor city rhythm and blues soul rock and roll, high energy, fire breathing, and real party music now my party music.

My parties don’t include puking, drooling, stumbling, or dying because Comfortably Numb is actually uncomfortably dumb. So my party is all about piss and vinegar, vim and vigor, alive spirit, attitude.

Anyhow, we’re going in the studio. I think the album’s gonna be called Ted Nugent, Handsome Devil.”

Click here to check out Ted Nugent’s Facebook live.