Ted Nugent: ‘Americans Are Being Infringed By The Abuse Of Power’

Ted Nugent has always been quite forward as a pro-gun advocate, and even though the singer recently resigned from the board of NRA after 26 years, it seems like he is determined to protect his ‘rights’ on his own. Nugent opened up about his natural-born rights as an American to John McLaughlin of Iowa Firearms Coalition and claimed that gun control violates Americans’ rights.

“I don’t need any man — in fact, no man exists to authorize or offer me a permit or a license for my right to keep and bear arms,” stated the singer as he emphasized his rights to buy and possess guns. “My name is Ted Nugent. I was born with the God-given individual right, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, to keep and bear arms 24-7, 365, 74 years on American soil.”

“God created you as a free man, as guaranteed by the outlined self-evident truth in the Constitution,” argued Ted, remarking that it was his natural-born right as a free man to bear arms, and the Constitution had guaranteed that. “Currently, Americans are being infringed by the abuse of power that we let [the Biden administration and gun control advocates] have all these years.”

Nugent had stated in 2021 that the Biden administration could just ‘come and get’ his guns, only hours after the House of Representatives had passed two gun safety bills. Later on, Ted threatened the Democrats by inviting them to his house and saying that if they wanted to play Concord Bridge, they would be the British, and he would be the Americans.

The singer’s firm stance as a conservative has also resulted in various other controversies. He’s known for his remarks on religion, LGBTQ+ and pro-life. Nugent believes that it’s his God-given right to bear arms, and the current safety bills violate his rights as a free man.