Ted Nugent Addresses James Brown’s Importance For The American Music Scene

Ted Nugent recently talked about the last album he listened to in a new episode of The Nightly Nuge. The veteran rocker stated that it belongs to James Brown, an impactful talent in the American music scene.

James Brown is still considered an influential musician in the 20th century and the father of funk music, even after his passing in 2006. Many used the titles such as ‘Godfather of Soul’ and ‘Mr. Dynamite’ to describe the musician.  Brown’s music career began singing gospels in Georgia. Later on, the musician gained people’s attention by becoming the lead singer of the rhythm and blues group ‘The Famous Flames.’

Brown had a rise in his career with The Famous Flames’ 1963 album entitled ‘Live at the Apollo.’ The album recorded at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem was the first live work of Brown and the band. It peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Pop Album chart and sold many copies immediately. ‘Live at the Apollo’ became an inductee into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. It reached number 25 in Rolling Stone Magazine’s ‘The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time’ in 2003.

Uncle Ted recently stated that he was still into listening to ‘Live at the Apollo’ by mentioning the importance of James Brown in the music scene. According to Nugent, Brown put his music on such a high level that nobody could beat his standards. As the rocker indicated, although many young and talented musicians are on the scene, he still admires Brown’s musical personality.

When asked about the last album he listened to, Ted Nugent answered:

“James Brown ‘Live At The Apollo.’ I’m still, to this day, all those black heroes still course through my musical spirit and freedom veins. James Brown, the bar he set has not been beaten since that great man was the hardest working man in show business.

There’s a lot of great talent out there today, but I’m still referring to James Brown when it comes to tightness, authority, attitude, sexy grind and drive, and just musical presence. There’s a real presence to a guy like James Brown. So, God bless James Brown and The Famous Flames.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.