Ted Nugent Addresses His Biggest Fear

From taking the stage with buffalos to going off at anything he can deem ‘un-American,’ one might think there aren’t many things that Ted Nugent is afraid of. However, as it turns out, there is one thing he fears, and let us tell you, if you know anything about Nugent, it probably won’t surprise you.

So, the guitarist was talking on his show, the Nightly Nuge, when the topic drifted to, as always, politics and how the government paid Hunter Biden’s rent. Oh, worry not, as we won’t bore you with all the political details of it. After Ted ended his slagging off the Biden family, he decided to disclose his greatest fear, which was losing what he deemed the great qualities of the American dream.

“We’re still carving out life, liberty, and [the] pursuit of happiness,” Nugent noted, referring to the Declaration of Independence, where the idea of the American dream is rooted. “All I can say is that America, if you are silent, the criminals in our government wanna thank you for looking the other way.”

The musician then continued by criticizing the government. Ted Nugent said, “This is a tragic, unprecedented, rampant crime wave perpetrated by Uncle Sam and all of his gangsters and all of those alphabet-soup bureaucracies, and there’s no question that this whole tax torching is to cover up to tracks of the Biden gangster family. I cry tears of blood.”

Ted then invited all his fellow Americans to take what he believed to be the necessary step. He stated, “So, America, pray, raise hell and pray some more and tell your elected employees that we know what’s going on, and we damn well better put an end to it because the Democrat party and the rhinos that are supporting them intentionally destroying the greatest quality of life known as the American dream in the history of mankind. If we continue to look the other way, we are guilty.”

So, the singer’s greatest fear is to lose the qualities of what he might deem the American dream, and he believed that the Biden administration and the government have been ruining it with their policies. He was, as always, sharp with his words and didn’t take a step back when he addressed all the other Americans not to look away.