Bono On How U2 Was Born Out Of Desperation

U2 was formed when Bono and his bandmates were just a bunch of teenagers who wanted to make music and achieve something in life. In a recent interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell, Bono reflected on those times and argued they were desperate in trying to find themselves before forming U2.

“It’s preposterous,” said Bono about the beginning of U2’s musical career. “Isn’t it? But there was magic, you know, that’s all we had. And, of course, there was a desperation to make something of our lives.”

When asked whether U2 members had ever thought they would rise to fame, Bono continued, “That would be me. It’s so embarrassing, really. Trying to break it down sometimes, when I look at the absurdity of my life, [I go] ‘What is it?’ We own some feelings; we all own our tone. So there’s something there.”

In 1976, Bono, The Edge, Dik Evans, and Adam Clayton responded to an advertisement by the 14-year-old Larry Mullen Jr., looking for people to form a rock band. This moment marked how U2, one of the best-selling music acts, was born. According to Bono, U2 was created out of their desperation, and the only thing aiding them was the magic of their dreams.