Taylor Swift ‘Could’ Rock With The Stranger Things’ Joe Keery

During a recent appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Stranger Things actor Joe Keery spoke out on a rumored rock project with Taylor Swift.

Fallon initially said that he heard Kerry was recording new music at Electric Lady Studios with his project, Djo. He then asked if both Keery and Swift were in the same building at the same time, which might indicate they were working on a project together. To which the actor replied:

“Well, that was a very confusing day because I was just in there just with John [Rooney], minding my own business, not doing anything. And then I walked out the door, and it was like 1,000 people were standing out there. People looked at me expecting Taylor and were like, ‘Who’s this guy?'”

Mistaken Identity Outside The Studio

The host stepped in to say:

“No, no. They know who you are.”

Joe continued, revealing the crowd’s reaction to him:

“No, no. Really, really. And then I walked down the block, and someone was like, ‘Hey, that’s — Oh, that’s that guy.’ And so a couple of people walked down.”

Teasing A Future Collaboration

Fallon added the following to get a tip about the possible collab:

“So, we can’t say anything.”

The actor responded, leaving the door open for a joint effort:

“Maybe that would generate something. Maybe that experience generated something in the universe, but I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Keery On Balancing Music And Acting Careers

Keery is known as Djo in the music world, and he keeps this part of his life separate from his regular self and acting roles. Speaking with Billboard last year, he reflected on how it feels to be in this different image:

“There’s a level of comfort being in this alternate look, where I feel more free to do what I want. I think about David Bowie or Marc Bolan dressing up. Devo is another great example. Something that started off with that intention has opened this door to make me realize that it can be more than just that.”

In his early twenties, Joe began his music career as ‘Cool Cool Cool’ and played with Post Animal, a Chicago band. He contributed to their albums but left due to his acting schedule with Stranger Things. Keery continued his music passion as Djo, releasing singles and his popular album ‘Twenty Twenty,’ which made him well-known in the music world.

You can watch his full interview below.