Kirk Hammett Lists 9 Horror Movies That You Should Watch

We all know Kirk Hammett as one of the greatest guitarists in metal, but he also has another passion: collecting horror memorabilia. Now, the talented Metallica guitarist and avid horror enthusiast joined Gibson TV to reveal the top 9 horror movies his fans shouldn’t miss.

Kirk Hammett’s passion for horror movies started when he was a boy. He watched his first horror movie, ‘The Day of the Triffids,’ after spraining his arm and having to stay at home. This was followed by cult classics like ‘Dracula’ and ‘Frankenstein.’ Before he knew it, young Hammett became a fan of everything related to horror.

Recently, Kirk Hammett joined Gibson TV and shared a list of nine movies everyone should watch. His recommendations consisted of films ranging from 2013 to 2022: ‘Gatlopp,’ ‘You Won’t Be Alone,’ ‘In Fabric,’ ‘A Dark Song,’ ‘The Evil Within,’ ‘Get Out,’ ‘Rigor Mortis,’ ‘Tiny Cinema,’ and ‘Overlord.’

“These are movies not a lot of people know about,” Hammett said about his film choices. “But they are really entertaining and fun. I think people should definitely check them out. Each one of these are fun and original in their own way.”

Throughout the years, Hammett never stopped collecting horror-themed comic books, magazines, toys, model kits, action figures, and movie posters. He then launched his ‘It’s Alive!exhibit to showcase his collection to the fans. The guitarist even has his own horror story on Reddit sub r/NoSleep, titled ‘I Have To Get Rid Of This Guitar I Found.’