Taylor Hawkins Recalls How Dave Grohl Asked Him To Recommend A Drummer Instead Of Offering Him To Join Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins spoke in a recent interview with Kerrang Magazine and revealed how he ended up joining the band.

Back in 1997, Foo Fighters parted ways with their drummer William Goldsmith, and afterward, Hawkins joined the band as a drummer. But, the rumor says that Dave Grohl called Hawkins to ask if he knows any drummer to join the band instead of asking him to join.

However, Hawkins revealed in the conversation that it wasn’t the case. He mentioned that he was driving with his girlfriend at the time and they heard on the radio that Foo Fighters parted ways with their drummer.

Later on, Hawkins decided to call Grohl and said that he heard they are looking for a drummer. Grohl confirmed and replied that if he knows any. Afterward, Hawkins boldly said that he will play the drums for them and that’s how they started to play in rehearsals.

Interviewer asked:

“In 1997, you replaced William Goldsmith as Foo Fighters’ drummer. Is it true you offered to join when Dave Grohl called to ask you to recommend someone?”

Taylor Hawkins replied:

“I was driving with my girlfriend at the time, and we were listening to KROQ. I heard William had departed and they were looking for a new drummer. I scrambled to get Dave’s number and called him.

I said, ​’I heard you guys are looking for a drummer,’ and he said, ​’Well, do you know any?’. I thought Alanis wanted to go in a more laid-back direction, and it seemed like the right time to jump. Alanis didn’t need me!

I basically said to Dave, ‘I’ll play drums for you,’ and we jammed a couple of times. I remember I was at home watching ‘Showgirls’ with my girlfriend, and Dave called to ask if I wanted to join.”

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