Taylor Hawkins’ Confession About Alanis Morissette

Taylor Hawkins briefly worked with Alanis Morissette in the ’90s. Hawkins was a member of Morissette’s live band during their ‘Jagged Little Pill’ tour in 1995. The two worked together for two years until the drummer joined Foo Fighters in 1997. So the pair went on their separate ways in the industry.

During a 2011 interview with News24, the drummer was asked whether he kept in touch with Alanis. Taylor admitted and said:

“No. We never really stayed in touch. She [Alanis Morissette] wasn’t very happy when I quit. I think she felt I was a bit lame in some of the interviews. I don’t think she thought I shed a very nice light on her.”

The drummer added that he would have wanted to handle his split much better by adding:

“In retrospect, I probably was a little less respectful than I should have been. Looking back, those were some of the funnest times of my life. She became a very good friend and I wish we were still in touch.”

Even though Alanis and Taylor weren’t on speaking terms, after the drummers unexpected passing last year, the singer took to the stage with the Foo Fighters in honor of his late friend and former drummer.

Alanis was as part of the second tribute concert for Taylor Hawkins at Los Angeles’ Kia Forum last September. They performed the Jagged Little Pill track ‘You Oughta Know,’ which was the single that became a hit while Hawkins was working as her touring drummer.

Besides performing with Foo Fighters for her former drummer, the singer also paid tribute to Taylor at London’s O2 Arena on her Jagged Little Pill 25th anniversary tour this past summer. Alanis sang ‘Ironic’ while a video montage of the pair as tour-mates displayed on the big screen with the dedication that read ‘In Memory of Taylor Hawkins.’

You can read Taylor Hawkins’ 2011 interview with News24 here.