T Bone Burnett Details Bob Dylan’s Plan To Alter The Music Market


Producer T Bone Burnett recently spoke to Variety and revealed that what Bob Dylan tries to do in the music market is take control of his records into his hand to ensure complete autonomy.

In 2021, Bob Dylan entered the studio to record ‘Blowin’ in the Wind‘ six decades after its debut with his producer and longtime collaborator, T Bone Burnett. Unlike the original format, the producer recorded the song by using a new audio medium called the Ionic Original, a hybrid format made from materials used in both vinyl and CDs. Thus, they aimed to capture the highest audio quality.

The only copy of the new studio recording of ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ will be auctioned off in London on July 7 via Christie’s Auction House. It is estimated to sell for between $750,666 and $1.2 million. The new recording will also mark the debut of the Ionic Original format, bringing a new approach to audio innovation. During a recent interview, T Bone Burnett reflected on the details regarding this new recording of Bob Dylan.

The producer initially talked about why they preferred it to be a limited edition that would be owned only by one person. Burnett explained that it is an original and unique recording rather than mass production, making it very special. It is known they also re-recorded other songs in the studio.

Burnett revealed that they also intend to put them only by one on the auction because they want to take control of its production and copyright into their own hands rather than being dependent on any other corporation. The producer stated that he and Bob Dylan intends to open a new space in the music industry by producing high art pieces.

T Bone Burnett speaking on Bob Dylan’s intention with his new recording:

“There are two things I think it is important to know for people concerned about the exclusivity of what we are doing. An Ionic Original is not a ‘copy.’ It is an original recording. We are not contriving scarcity. This is actually scarce; It is a unique, handmade, original recording. We have all been conditioned to accept the terms of and react to things from the frame of mass production. This is not that.

Yes. This started because recorded music has been commoditized to zero over the last 20-30 years. Because we work in an age of mechanical reproduction, musicians have had to accept the definition of the value of their music from the government, corporations, technologists, record companies, from streamers. In this case, we have taken matters into our own hands, and we control the means of production and the copyright.”

Burnett continued:

“We’ll be able to explore: What is the value of a song? What is the true value of Bob Dylan singing ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ 60 years after he wrote it in this environment? And we’re going to find out. But the intention has always been to create a new one-of-one program. What I’m trying to do is enter a music space in the fine arts market. Because music is to the United States as wine is to France, it’s the most valuable and important part of our culture.

And for the last 25-30 years, we’ve had parts of the audience telling us that we ought to put our music out for free. This is a chance for us as artists to work with complete autonomy. Bob and I have done it to the degree we could for our whole lives, but this is a chance now to do it not just for Bob but for many other artists who are going to do this with us, who’ve already signed up. With any luck, this is the way I’ll spend the rest of my working life, doing these beautiful one-of-one pieces of high art.”

You can listen to ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ below.