Stone Temple Pilots’ Robert DeLeo Shares The Songs He Wished He’d Have Written

Everyone has that one song they can’t help but wish they’d created. Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo is no exception, and when it came to discussing the tracks he wished he’d written while recently chatting with 107.7 The Bone, the bassist decided to appreciate a few iconic names of the rock scene by honoring their legendary setlists.

So, many have their fantasy discographies, much like your standard fantasy leagues, where all the songs in your picks can be top-notch all-star hits. Robert’s picks were no different, as he named some of the most classic acts of rock. You see, for him, these songs and acts’ images are now carved into our musical DNAs, and any rock enthusiast would surely agree with him on that.

“Oh, there’s many,” answered DeLeo when he was asked if there are any songs he wished he had composed. “There’s a lot of Gordon Lightfoot songs that I wish I wrote, and there’s a lot of Led Zeppelin songs I wish. I mean, all the stuff that we grew up on. It’s just an amazing time in music; I mean, how could you not be inspired? So, many bodies of work that were just… part of our insides now, [our] DNA.”

So, although Robert’s works with the Stone Temple Pilots became some of the famous tracks of that musical era, when it was time to name the songs he’d wished he was the creator of, the bassist couldn’t help but go for what some might now call, ‘dad rock,’ or actually, ‘timeless rock classics’ that people of any age can still love and adore.