Robert DeLeo Shares Details About His Upcoming Debut Solo Record

Stone Temple Pilot bassist Robert DeLeo has been keeping his fans in the loop with his new music creation process. He recently revealed that it is for his debut solo album and that he is playing all the guitar parts in the songs.

Robert DeLeo formed Stone Temple Pilots in 1985 when he met Scott Weiland. The duo gathered the other band members, and Robert convinced his brother Dean to take on the guitar duties of the band. He has been performing with STP ever since despite the saddening death of Scott Weiland. Aside from working in a band, Robert did a couple of collaborations, including Dave Coutts and Joe Perry.

However, their adventures didn’t last much, and Robert always reserved his efforts for STP. Recently, the bassist gave happy news to his fans by announcing his debut solo album and sharing the process. On February 17, he shared a snippet from the recording of a song called ‘Anew’ from his new album.

On February 26, he shared the guitar he was using to create his new album. He revealed that it was the same kind of strings he used when he wrote ‘Interstate Love Song,’ which is one of STP’s hit songs released in 1994. He recently shared his feelings about playing the guitar to create his own songs. The bassist seems to be excited and enjoying the process.

His post from February 17 stated:

“Finishing up the song ‘Anew’ from my upcoming record with the great cello playing of Dave Eggar. The strings and Vocal of Kara Britz soloed out in the chorus. Also, the brilliant piano playing of friend Bill Appleberry. Done!”

On February 26, he wrote:

“‘Interstate Love Song,’ this is how I originally wrote it in the equipment truck on our first tour back in 1992. I’ve always had such a love for Brazilian music, and having a nylon string on that truck probably influenced me to write it this way. I’ve searched a long time for the ultimate nylon string couch guitar, and this one which I purchased from the lovely Harper family and their amazing Folk Music Center, is the one. I recorded the song Years from ‘Perdida,’ and also one called ‘She Brings The Rain’ off my upcoming record.”

The most recent feelings of Robert:

“Since I’ve been making my own record and doing all the guitar work, it’s been really enjoyable getting back in touch with my playing. This is my main go-to guitar, a 1955 Gibson J-45.”

While you wait for the musician’s debut solo album, you can listen to STP’s latest album’s title track below.