Stone Temple Pilots Members Admit Scott Weiland’s Death Wasn’t Shocking

Surviving members of Stone Temple Pilots recently had an interview with Yahoo Entertainment to promote their reissue of ‘Tiny Music… Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop’ as a celebration of their 25th anniversary. The band continued with deeper subjects and revealed that their previous late lead singer Scott Weiland’s death was actually expected. 

Back in 2013, Scott Weiland was fired from Stone Temple Pilots due to conflicts between him and the rest of the members of the band. After the band fired Weiland, they replaced him with Linking Park’s now late singer Chester Bennington. Weiland showed his anger towards the situation by stating that it is not okay for them to be called Stone Temple Pilots if he is not a band member himself.

After the end of his career with STP, Weiland continued to make music solo until he passed away from an accidental overdose in 2015. Although he wasn’t in the band anymore, his ex-band members talked about him in a recent interview and stated their sadness over him passing away. Robert DeLeo stated that although it is very sad to see him go, Weiland never seemed whole, he talked about how it seemed like he was not happy with who he was.

He stated in the interview:

“There was something inside of him that he was always searching for. He was always searching for something that wasn’t really him. I don’t think he was generally happy with himself.

After Robert, Dean DeLeo continued to say that their efforts were not successful and although they all knew that he wasn’t in a good place, they couldn’t help him. Aside from his problems with himself, Dean stated that Weiland didn’t even want the simple friendship of his band members.

Here is what Dean said:

“It was evident — this is so sad to say — where Scott was going, he had a new ‘posse’ of people around him. They just kept feeding him all that he was, and they left out one vital part of that — and that was his health and his wellbeing. Because everybody just wanted money. I think Robert and Eric and I exhausted ourselves just trying to help him and just to be a friend. He wanted no part of that.

They continue to state their sorrow and longing throughout the interview. Robert describes their relationship as intimate and calls Weiland his brother. This relationship, as he claims, made him who he is because of the common dream they once shared.

Here is how Robert shared his feelings about Weiland:

“I mean, we were brothers for half our lives and shared a lot of intimate, creative things with each other. It’s a part of our being. It’s part of my makeup as a person, to be able to share a dream with someone and actually follow through”

Although Weiland’s death was not surprising, this didn’t make it any easier for his ex-bandmates to deal with his passing. After beginning the interview with promoting their new release, their fans saw that the band did not forget Weiland, and his death is continuing to affect them.