Stone Gossard Says Nobody Told Perry Farrell That He Had A Great Voice

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard expressed his thoughts and feelings about Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell during his recent interview with Revolver’s Fan First. The guitarist defined Farrell as a very talented singer who wasn’t appreciated enough considering his performances.

Jane’s Addiction started to hit the rock stage in 1985 and since then the band has been regarded as one of the prominent bands of alternative rock music with their iconic albums. The band gained great fame and commercial success in a very short time. Perry Farrell’s singing style also contributed a lot to Jane’s Addiction’s increasing fan base. Farrell reached popularity as founding Lollapalooza Music Festival alongside his career as a vocalist.

The festival attendees witnessed countless unforgettable performances from various singers and bands over the years and Farrell proved his talent as an entrepreneur. In one of them, the fans were able to watch Pearl Jam welcoming Parrell on stage during their performance to celebrate his birthday. Together they sang ‘Mountain Song’ at Lollapalooza Brazil, in 2018. Thus, the guitarist Gossard realized the singer’s unique ability one more time.

Years after their collaboration, the Pearl Jam guitarist drew attention to music authorities and Farrell being a very underrated vocalist even though he can sing in many different ways. According to Gossard, Jane’s Addiction lead singer has a ‘great singing voice.’ Stone stated that he has been waiting for the band’s successor but apparently, he’s not sure about whether he will see it or not. Gossard added Perry proved that there are lots of ways to impart rhythm and lyric and deliver.

Gossard said in his interview that:

“There’s Jane Addiction which is just like f*cking hell, just changed my life. It wasn’t about humility, it was about crazy, outsiders like Circus, Freak Out which I love too. I love that. Where is the next Jane’s Addiction right now? Thunder and thunderous like rhythm but organic and it’s not programmed. There’s nothing about a click track. Click tracks are great, don’t get me wrong. There are lots of great shows out there that are lined up to click. Some people can really play to that but the organic.

Perry Farrell as a singer, and nobody ever told that guy he had a great singing voice. There wasn’t one music teacher or maybe they did but they were really great music teachers. They really understood but to believe in your voice and in your lyric and your perspective to kind of leading takes a lot of courage. He accomplished what he showed the path that you can be a singer in a lot of different ways. There’re lots of ways to impart rhythm and lyric and deliver that in a way that is totally real and nobody will ever question as to whether you’re a good singer or not.”

You can watch the interview below.