Sting Shares His Recommendations For Bands Considering A Reunion

Sting recently sat down with Music Week to share his thoughts on band reunions. While the discussion effectively poured cold water on the prospect of a fresh The Police reunion, it also provided the musician an opportunity to share his experience and advice for other bands contemplating a similar move.

The singer discussed the 2007-2008 reunion tour of his former group, indicating that there would not be another, as the members were pleased with the way their shared musical journey ended. This led to a question of whether he would advise other bands to reunite, to which he provided some guidance based on his own experiences.

In his answer, he emphasized:

“Once! You should do it once, and the timing should be right. When the Police reunited, it had been long enough, and it was the right time to do it. And I’m taking credit for that because that was my decision. Doing it again would just be gratuitous, and that won’t happen. But we did it, and everyone was happy that mum and dad got back together again and had one last fling.”

It appears that Sting and the others will leave the tour in the early 2000s to be a unique moment for fans. So, another reunion for The Police does not seem possible in the near future.