Sting Says It’s A Special Breed Of People Who Can Play Bass And Sing At The Same Time

Former lead singer of the Police and currently solo musician Sting opened up about a special talent of his during an exclusive clip from his upcoming ‘Words + Music Audible’ installment and stated that he can play the bass guitar while singing which is a rare talent according to the legendary musician.

As many of you know, many musicians consider singing a song and playing the bass guitar as the hardest combination to achieve due to the fact that playing bass while singing requires you to pay attention to both rhythm and melody while timing the lyrics of the song as well, therefore, a musician must pay attention to 3 elements all together.

During a recently released audible, Sting revealed that he actually can sing a song while playing the bass guitar which is a unique quality that most musicians do not possess, and stated that it’s much harder than the combination of singing and playing the guitar since bass and singing needs both sides of someone’s brain.

Here is what Sting said:

It’s a special breed of people who can do something that is contrapuntal. In other words, you can sing a song and strum a guitar along. It’s kinda easy. Whereas if you play the bass, it’s a bit like patting your head and making circles on your tummy. You’re doing something that involves two sides of your brain. And not many people develop that skill, and it’s something that I was very proud of.”

In addition to sharing a special asset of his, the legendary singer also revealed how he achieved such a hard mission in his music career, and apparently, he accomplished this goal by slowing down his playing and singing initially. Sting also stressed the fact that he wanted to be a bass guitar player who can also sing.

Here is what the iconic musician revealed:

I could slow the playing down, slow the singing down – I saw where the gaps were and like a jigsaw puzzle fitted it together. So now it’s become like second nature to me to play bass and sing. Other musicians will come and say, ‘How do you do that?’ I say, ‘Well, it’s just practice. It’s what you do.’ I’ve always enjoyed having that particular skill set. I didn’t want to be a guitar hero. I play the guitar; I write guitar parts. But that’s not part of my thing. I want to be a bass player who sings.

You can see the source of the statements here.

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