Sammy Hagar Confirms Van Halen’s Upcoming Projects

It might seem that Wolfgang Van Halen firmly shut the door for any possible Van Halen reunion, but perhaps, Sammy Hagar’s not that pessimistic. You see, recently, the singer replied to a fan’s comment on an Instagram post and signaled that new projects with Van Halen did seem on the horizon after all.

So, a Van Halen fan account shared a performance of the band singing ‘Amsterdam’ on the Jon Stewart Show back in 1995 to celebrate the 28th anniversary of Van Halen’s ‘Balance.’ Upon seeing this bit of nostalgia and the band’s iconic performance, most fans realized that they did miss the act a lot and started commenting on numerous wishes for them to release something new.

A comment wishing that along with the album ‘Balance,’ Van Halen’s ‘OU812,’ and ‘5150’ would also get remastered particularly stood out when Sammy replied by signaling that perhaps the loyal fans did have something to wait and look out for from the Van Halen front.

“All that is coming soon,” wrote Hagar as he promised that future projects were on the way and the Van Halen audience would get new releases of these iconic materials soon enough. “They started with the live album. It’s coming out first, and then they’re going to remaster everything.”

So, Wolf doesn’t want to reunite with the iconic band because of the complicated inner dynamics and his respect for his father; as the younger Van Halen said, if there was no Eddie, there was no Van Halen. We surely agree with him on that, though; his music and iconic riffs play a huge part in the band’s name and legacy. There is no doubt that these new remasters will do justice to remind us how much of a once-in-a-lifetime talent Eddie Van Halen was.

Photo Credit: Van Hagar / Other Half – Instagram