Breaking Benjamin Guitarist Says It’s Impossible To Write Album While Touring

In a recent interview with FM99 WNOR radio station, Breaking Benjamin guitarists Jasen Rauch and Keith Wallen discussed the progress of the recording sessions for their highly anticipated new studio album. During the interview, the guitarists were asked if it’s easy to both be on the road and record an album at the same time, to which Rach responded:

“It’s almost impossible. I can count maybe three bands, I think, that would be successful at writing [and] recording on the road, because it’s very difficult. You can have all the best intentions, but it’s hard just squeezing things in between press, any sort of VIP stuff that we have, soundchecks.”

Breaking Benjamin Has ‘A Lot Of Music Recorded’

Breaking Benjamin’s most recent studio album, ‘Ember,’ was released in 2018. More recently, Rauch has affirmed that the band is actively working on a new album, marking their first release in six years. Wallen also mentioned that the band has already finished recording several tracks in the studio and that some of the songs are now prepared and ready for release. He said last July:

“We’ve got some stuff in the works. We’ve got a lot of music recorded. Ben (the band’s frontman) just posted yesterday — he just tracked some vocals for a song. So, yeah. We’re getting there. We move at our own pace here, much to the dismay of a lot of people, I’ve noticed, online. It’s awesome. It’s exciting. And man, I can’t wait to get it out there finally.”

Earlier, Rauch mentioned that the band explored various directions, experimenting with new sounds while maintaining a high standard for themselves as they strive to progress.

It’s unclear when the album will be released.

You can listen to the interview below.