Sting Opens Up About His New Spanish Single ‘Por Su Amor’

During a recent interview with Billboard just before his performance at the 2022 Premio Lo Nuestro awards, Sting talked about his new single, ‘Por Su Amor,’ a Spanish adaptation of his song, ‘For Her Love.’

Sting released his fifteenth studio album, ‘The Bridge,‘ on November 19, 2021, through A&M Records. The album, recorded in a home studio during the lockdown, stood out with its intense content and emotional lyrics. Two singles preceded the album, ‘If It’s Love’ released on September 1, 2021, and ‘Rushing Water’ dropped on September 30, 2021.

Another song from his latest album was ‘For Her Love,’ which Sting co-wrote with Martin Kierszenbaum. In one of his visits to Mexico, Sting decided to make a new Spanish version of this song and recorded ‘Por Su Amor.‘ Sting premiered his new single with an exceptional performance on ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’ on February 24 on Univision. The iconic singer had sung in Spanish and Portuguese before his EP release, ‘Nada como el sol’ and his collaboration with Ricky Martin for his EP, ‘Pausa.’

Encouraged by the positive reviews of his previous Spanish records, Sting recently came up with ‘Por Su Amor’ on February 11, 2022. As Sting stated before, Ricky Martin coached him during the making process of the single to make him sound more convincing. During his new interview with Billboard ahead of his live performance, he opened up about his new single and his interest in Spanish music.

The singer stated that he was on holiday with his manager in Baja, but he wanted to produce something new rather than rest. It came to his mind that they could’ve translated his song, ‘For Her Love,’ into Spanish as it has some Latino elements in it. After translating the song into Spanish, Sting recorded the song in his hotel room. He also talked about his love for Spanish music, and he said that he likes the language itself due to its emotionally strong character.

Sting speaking on his new Spanish single:

“My manager I work with is in Mexico, in Baja. We were kind of having a holiday, but we didn’t like the holiday, so we said ‘Let’s do something, let’s translate one of our songs, ‘For Her Love,’ into Spanish.‘ It sounds kind of Latino, so we did that, and I recorded it in the hotel room. I don’t speak very much Spanish, but I’ve sung in Spanish a few times. I enjoy the music of the language itself, even apart from the meanings of the words. When you speak Spanish, it has an emotional quality that it gives me.”

You can watch the short interview and also listen to the song below.