Stewart Copeland Explains His Awareness About The Beatles Despite Not Being A Fan

The Police’s Stewart Copeland recently spoke to The SDR Show and admitted that although he’s not a big fan of them, he respects the Beatles and has a special awareness about them.

The Beatles have left an unforgettable mark in music history with their timeless albums and iconic hits. Back when they were active in the scene, their popularity grew into a fan craze dubbed ‘Beatlemania.’ Their shows were characterized by fan hysteria, and their fanbase worshipped them like they were deities.

Even though this was the case, it turns out that the Police drummer Stewart Copeland wasn’t a fan of the Beatles. In a recent interview with The SDR Show, Copeland stated that he didn’t like the band as much as he now does. He then said he realized the importance of procreation with the Beatles’ music, who released three versions of their first single.

Copeland explained that when he watched the Beatles documentary ‘The Beatles: Behind The Curtain,’ he realized that hearing the imperfect versions of the band’s hits made him appreciate them more. Besides, he noticed this didn’t make him love the band less, so he started to respect all their music after coming to this conclusion.

The drummer then reflected on the Police’s new reissue of ‘Ghost in the Machine.’ The album is set to release in November 2022, and it will feature the original 11 songs from the 1981 version along with three brand new additions titled ‘I Burn For You,’ ‘Shambelle,’ and ‘Once Upon a Daydream.’ During the conversation, Copeland stated that they realized that if the Beatles could do a reissue, the Police could also do it.

Here is what Stewart Copeland said about the Beatles:

“I love the Beatles more now; I’m not a big Beatles fan, but I respect them enormously, like all their music. I was never a Beatle fan necessarily, but much more so as a result of this ‘Behind The Curtain.’ Now, that’s affecting our Police thing; ‘If it’s okay for the Beatles, God damn it, who the hell we think we are that it’s not good enough for us.”

You can watch the interview below.