Stevie Van Zandt Comments Over Bob Dylan Center’s Stupid Mistake

E Street Band guitarist Stevie Van Zandt recently criticized the Bob Dylan Center for being closed to any visitors who wanted to check out the museum before enjoying the band’s show in Oklahoma as he replied to a fan who complained about the situation on Twitter.

Bruce Springsteen’s mega-tour is going fast and furious as his band travels all across the US, performing in different cities and venues. The band’s next show will be in Tulsa’s Bank of Oklahoma Centre, also shortly known as the BOK Centre. The arena is also within walking distance from the Bob Dylan Center, so it seems like some E Street fans wanted to check out the center.

However, the building was announced to be closed on the day of the show as a fan tweeted that they wanted to visit the building before the concert, but the center wouldn’t accept any visitors. So, Stevie didn’t hold back as he replied to the fan’s tweet, accusing the center of making a stupid mistake.

Since E Street’s audience enjoyed music similar to Bob Dylan’s, it was natural for any fan to check out the center before the gig. Van Zandt then explained that he’d been to the center and enjoyed the visit, so it was just upsetting that the fans couldn’t see it for themselves and learn about Dylan’s legacy.

The guitarist’s tweet about the Bob Dylan Center:

“[Being closed on the day of the show] which is really a stupid mistake on their part. I’m sure a lot of people coming would like to check that out. I went the other day, and they did a good job with it. It should have occurred to somebody to be open the day of a show like ours with a very similar audience to Bob’s.”

So, it looks like the E Street Band fans who wanted to check out the building before coming to the BOK Center and enjoy Springsteen and his act putting a good show were disappointed when they saw the Bob Dylan Center was closed. Van Zandt criticized the decision, stating most E Street fans would love seeing the building as they enjoyed a similar music taste to Dylan’s.